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Costa Rica Fishing Vacation

by Jamie Rican

Costa Rica is a unique place on this planet in the sense that no other place includes so much diversity of life in such a small land area as Costa Rica. Plant, bird, and animal species are densely packed within in 50,000 square kilometers. It should then come as no surprise that Costa Rica fishing vacation is also quite famous among anglers. The scale of your fishing does not matter. You could be alone in the forest catching native trout with a single line or out on a commercial fishing boat and cast a dozen lines for trolling. If you enjoy fishing then you should seriously give some thought to a Costa Rica fishing vacation.

Here are some of the key reasons why you should consider Costa fishing vacation:

* You can take your whole family along and everyone can have a good time due to the diversity of things that can be done in Costa Rica. Apart from fishing you could enjoy eco-tourism, swimming, surfing, mountain climbing, hiking, camping, volcanic mountains, scuba diving, snorkeling, cruises, unmatched wildlife, plant life, bird life, and so on.

* It is quite an affordable vacation spot if you plan in time.

* Costa Rica is a very hospitable country full of friendly people who make all tourists feel welcome there. The people are very outgoing and like making friends and helping others. While the main language of the country is Spanish, you should not face any insurmountable difficulties because the large number of foreign settlers here have ensured that English is understood if not as prevalent as it is in western countries. You could even use one of the electronic translators in case you are afraid of language problems. Since the people are so friendly you can be assured that language will never come in the way of you enjoying your Costa Rica fishing vacation.

* The best way to travel in Costa Rica is to rent a car and that is quite a cheap service. Though there is a bus service you might wish to avoid it when carrying your golf equipment.

* Though located in Central America, Costa Rica is one of the safest places to visit with a very stable government and healthy tourist business.

The cost of going on a Costa Rica fishing vacation depends entirely on your choice of accommodation, your eating preferences, and of course, your preferred mode of travel. The price can range from $400 per day to $6000 per week. The higher end tour packages will include lodging, food, and transportation for you and your whole family should they travel with you. It is of course possible to spend only about $1000 and still spend a week in Costa Rica fishing, surfing, and swimming. There is really nothing stopping you from doing so provided you can accommodate yourself in decent level accommodation and enjoy the food as locals do instead of demanding the very best that expensive restaurants have to offer. Just remember that Costa Rica is the one place that you must visit at least once.

About the Author

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