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Culture Intensive Things To Do In Key West
by Christine OKelly

At first glance, this vacation destination may not seem like a cultural hotspot. It doesn't have the population of cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, or Washington D.C. It isn't the home of wine like Napa Valley. It doesn't offer a Mardi Gras like New Orleans. What the city does offer though is a unique view and breed of culture. The things to do in Key West can range from folksy to city and everywhere in between.

For those looking for culture in the city, there is no one good place to start. It is a city whose culture can best be experienced by jumping right in. This article explores just a few of the cultural things to do in this vacation paradise.

Explore The Historic Bar Scene

The city has long been home to some rowdy bar life. Every year, college kids from everywhere in the nation flock to the island for the sun, sand, and active nightlife. However, the bar scene doesn't slow down when the college kids return to classes. Throughout the winter and into the summer, the island's bars are bustling with vacationers, locals, and visitors from all corners of the United States.

The bars on the island range from rowdy dance clubs and concert venues to quiet dive bars, historic landmarks, and popular chains. The diverse selection of bars will offer vacationers of all interests fun things to do.

Listen To The Sounds Of The Pops

When you think about things to do in Key West, you may not consider going to a classical concert. Perhaps you believe the price tag is forbidding and you can't afford it. However, a Key West Pops concert is much less expensive than you would think. Here, the orchestra may perform Sondheim and Wheeler's 1973 Broadway hit, A Little Night Music, or perhaps you'd like to hear the Key West Strings perform Bach or Schubert at one of the gallery openings.

A Thriving Arts Community

Toward the top of an artist's laundry list of things to do should be a stop in one of the island's many galleries that display the city's local artists. In the city, there are over 50 galleries, each displaying a wide array of works by some of the island's best artists. There are even more galleries located on the smaller keys surrounding the island.

Literary Giants

Two of the greatest minds in modern literature once called the island home. The legends of Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams still loom large on the island. Here you can visit the home of Ernest Hemmingway where his famous 6-toed cats are protected and welcome visitors daily.

Another stop on your things to do list should be a visit to Robert Frost Cottage where the poet spent many winters. The cottage is also home to the Robert Frost Poetry Festival held each year. At the festival, some of the best poets in the nation perform readings and lead critique sessions.

About the Author

Christine O'Kelly writes for the experts at Best On Key West. They provide information on things to do in Key West.

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